It’s all about mindset

As a newly graduate, I’m experiencing the anxiety of uncertainty. If I ever going to find the perfect job and achive career aspirations.

Today, I stumble upon an article has helped me to realize that my perception in my life, what I think of myself (career wise) and what I can accomplish is basically a bunch of excuses that limits my path to success.What I can achieve is beyond my imagination. The only limit between me and my dreams is (yes, you guess it) ME.

In the book Mindset: The new psychology of success, Carol Dweck’s two decade research explains how a change the way we think about ourself can trigger a whole new way of introspection that makes ourself responsabile for our own achievements. 

This quote alone had an impact in my mindset: 

“Believing that your qualities are carved in stone — the fixed mindset — creates an urgency to prove yourself over and over. If you have only a certain amount of intelligence, a certain personality, and a certain moral character — well, then you’d better prove that you have a healthy dose of them. It simply wouldn’t do to look or feel deficient in these most basic characteristics.”




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