Amusement parks: what is the real cost?

Just watched the CNN films documentary “Blackfish” (2013). The film focuse, for most part, the incidents related to SeaWorld trainers and the orca whales in captivity.

Beyond the obvious, the esscense of this documentary really relies in the stressfull environment that orcas in captiviy live. Of most of their lifetime, this great animals are enclosed in these tiny pools (compared with the oceans) trained to do the all-well-known tricks. The environment is some what hostile. Althought it would appear this mammals would get along pretty great, most of them suffer of great injuries caused by the more dominant orcas. 

All and all, I found it groundbreaking and astonisning. It has open for discussion the safety not only of the animals in this kind of amusement parks but to the safety of the trainers and personnel. 



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