24 Rules For Being A Lady In 2014

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It’s time to talk about what it means to be a Lady, in a more updated way than swilling vodka martinis while pushing a vacuum, or getting your hair set once a week into a beehive. We’ve set down some ground rules for modern gentlemen, now it’s our turn.

1. Master at least one dish that you can whip up on relatively short notice, for when you’re having people over and don’t want to be like, “There’s a box of stale Wheat Thins left if you want to fight over those.”

2. Hold doors for everyone, especially older people or people carrying heavy things.

3. Make plans with friends you haven’t seen in a while, and actually follow through with them. (This includes not scheduling things on a morning when you know you’re going to be too hungover to go anywhere.)

4. If one of your friends is a…

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Holy Fire_


Recently I acquired Foals´ lasted album. I could only sum up as BRILLIANT.

This british rock band, one of my many favorites, has been evolving musically. In Holy Fire, the band engages in what I believe an astonishing lyric-instrument harmony that will make you replay this CD over and over again.



I always end up recalling that last night we parted ways. thinking in retrospective, I would like to hold on to that night a little longer. Talk more about us and less about me. All this while Helios played in the back, as the soundtrack of that day.



Finance Manager

As from today you are looking (reading) at a whole new person. Today is the day I decided to take control of my life and by that I mean my expenses. Of course we all have our daily treats just to compensate every day routine and the exhaustion it comes with but recently, meaning since today, I realized that this habit will be my doom.

Gaining confidence that I could manage to control myself I donwloaded from play store an app called finance manager. I haven´t tried it yet but it looks  quite complete. We´ll see how I manage…